Coding for young students


Ages: 7 - 12

Introduce your child to the world of programming. This course is  uniquely tailored for kids. At the start students work with tiny bits  of code and use very simple math.

We start fun


  • Make crazy pixel animations
  • Create amazing characters
  • Design cool particle effects
  • Program sound and music 
  • Build with other students 
  • Publish your game online

Code your own game world


Students learn to code in the environment they are using it. They can see the effects and they get excited about trying to accomplish in code what they want to see happen. 

Advanced programming


Once students are comfortable with programming basics, we move on to work with Variables, Functions, Arrays, Data Structures, Expressions and Logic. We introduce computer science, teaching how computers work.

Publish your game online


We publish student games online to share their creations with friends and family. Students are encouraged to compete in game design contests and challenges, hosted by us.